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If you are looking to get fit, gain confidence and boost your life, then Personal Training is the way to go! Often, commencing a fitness regime is fun at first, but then starts to become too much effort as the motivation dwindles... This is where your Personal Trainer comes into play! We can work with your likes and dislikes to create a unique program especially for you, designed to keep you interested, motivated and therefore, keep you on track to achieving your goals!!! We can vary the ways, places and processes we use to train you, so you'll always be kept on your toes and rearing to go! Options available are your local park, the beach, your home or business, or even my place - wherever suits you! And we can chop-and-change to keep it fun - Amy is also a qualified Veterinary Nurse, so we can even involve your dog if you like!!! The possibilities are endless, and the results you'll gain are incredible!
Our approach is designed to kick-start your fitness program and give you the motivation you need to succeed.
If you're looking for fitness, fun, motivation and better health, we're here for you! If you're looking to lose weight, gain life and fit into those jeans again, we're here for you! If you're looking to bulk up, tone up, gain muscle or become a fitness superstar, we're here for you! If you're looking for injury rehabilitation, specialist training to prevent injuries or a new lease on life, we're here for you! And even if you're just looking for a friendly face to train with, laugh with and enjoy the fabulous Perth sights with in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, we're here for you! We are your own personal Personal Trainer, willing to work with you to make your world a better place! Its in your hands to change your life for the better - You Deserve The Lion's Share!!

Why Should I Choose The Lion's Share Personal Training Program??
*FREE*, no-obligation consult, valued at $87, including initial consult with goal setting and BMI calculations; exercise selection and program design; half-hour sample training session. All this can be in your home, business or local park or beach - or if you prefer, you can come to us!
* Personal or Group Training sessions available - or Train with a Friend if you feel more comfortable! We also offer BOOTCAMP to kick-start your fitness and motivation!
* Over 15 years industry experience
* Amy specializes in Older Adult Training (Senior and Pensioner Discounts Available!*), W omen's Training, Weight-loss and Injury Rehabilitation. She has lost over 45Kg in the past 5 years and spent time in hospital, on life support and bed-ridden (appendicitis-gone-wrong), so has the knowledge, experience and compassion to work well with you for your particular need! Please note, all other training needs are also met!

Juice PLUS + - the next best thing to fruit and vegetables! For a healthy lifestyle, nutrition should always come first!!!
Contact Us Now Ph: 0402001371 for a no-obligation, FREE* consult, valued at $87!!!We come to you!
You Deserve The Lion's Share!!

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